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We were inspired by our gin trolly at home... We have so many gins, and as an obsessive collector (and taster) I began thinking that I need to up my cocktail game for summer. I wanted something quick, easy and tasty but impressive. A lot of high demands, I know. Something that I don't have to measure out or extract while my guests are waiting - a cocktail that's effortless and yum.

I sat down with our Distiller Nic and began looking at flavour profiles that complement our products. In short, this is what we came up with - three damn good cocktails, with only three ingredients (excluding your mixer)… it's impossible to mess up. Each cocktail has Gin, Infused Simple Syrup and Home Made Bitters - all available on our online store specially developed for our NHD Gin range.


- Andri (co-founder of NH Distillery)





with Maroela Gin , Grapefruit Bitters and Hibiscus & Ginger Simple Syrup [The Pink Kit]

The Pollination is an elegant and vibrant summer drink, with classic floral notes. This pretty pink drink is cool, calm, and collected, with notes of ginger and grapefruit for that extra edge. Classic and never going out of style, this bright drink is the perfect go-to holiday cocktail.


You will need:

1 shot of Maroela Gin

3 drops of Grapefruit Bitters

1 shot Hibiscus and Ginger Simple Syrup

1 Indian Tonic

Plenty of ice


Garnish  [just add nature]


Edible flowers

Rose petals or buds

Pink Sprouts


Make it:

Add the gin, bitters, and tonic into a glass (loaded with ice cubes). Garnish with edible flowers, rose petals and sprouts for a floral feel. Top up with ice, add the simple syrup and enjoy the vibrant colour explosion.





with Spekboom Gin, Pear Bitters & Rosemary, Sage and Cardamom Simple Syrup  [The Green Kit]

The Photosynthesis is a translucent, uncomplicated drink with a refreshing hit of nature’s finest ingredients. This crisp and clean cocktail is perfect for a hot summer’s day, and best enjoyed with family and friends next to the pool.


You will need:

1 shot Spekboom Gin

½ shot Rosemary, Sage and Cardamom Simple Syrup

3 drops of Pear Bitters

1 Indian Tonic


Garnish: [Just add nature]

Rosemary and/or Cucumber


Make it:

Add the gin, syrup, tonic, and bitters in a glass filled with ice. Garnish with rosemary and cucumber for a refreshing burst of flavour.





with Rooibos Gin, Orange bitters & Burnt Cassia and Fig Simple Syrup

[The Yellow Kit]


The Combusgin is an authentic cocktail with a beautiful burnt honey colour. This luxurious drink heightens all senses with its pleasant Rooibos aroma and spicy taste. Well-balanced and a favourite among many, the Combusgin is truly one of a kind and promises to stimulate your senses.


You will need:

1 shot of Rooibos Gin

1 shot Burnt Cassia and Fig Simple Syrup

3 drops Orange bitters

1 Indian Tonic


Ingredients: [Just add nature]

Orange slice & fresh Thyme


Make it:

Add the gin and tonic in a glass filled with ice cubes or crushed ice. Gently add the simple syrup and bitters. Garnish with an orange wedge and thyme. Sit back, sip, and enjoy the beautifully pungent flavours.