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ALLSORTS CAPE BRANDY ~ A Heritage Cocktail ~

Method: Stirred

Glass: Coupe

Skill Level: Intermediate



60ml New Harbour Distillery Cape Alchemist Brandy infused with Wilson's Original Champion Black Toffee*

25ml Rosso Vermouth

10ml New Harbour Distillery Burnt Cassia & Wild Fig Cordial Liqueur

Dash of New Harbour Distillery Baobab House Bitters

Dash of edible glitter



Allsorts Skewer


The ultimate drink for grownups with a taste of nostalgia! A new take on classic South African favourites – do you remember these sweets? Add Allsorts & Wilson's Original Champion Toffees to your spirits – because, why not. 

This Heritage Month, mix a one-of-a-kind drink with notes of sweet, lingering liquorice and slight undertones of cinnamon & orange.

Jesse Chinn takes you through the steps:

⚛︎ Rim a coupe glass by dipping the rim into a shallow plate of water. Evenly dip the rim into edible glitter.

⚛︎ Fill a cocktail shaker tin with ice & add all the ingredients. 

⚛︎ Stir clockwise for 30 seconds to chill & combine. 

⚛︎ Double strain into the coupe glass.

⚛︎ Garnish with a Liquorice Allsorts skewer & serve.

*To infuse Cape brandy: Add some toffees to Cape Alchemist Brandy & set it aside in a sealed glass jar for 4 – 6 hours until the Cape brandy becomes dark and infused. Give it a good shake before use.