rooibos gin hot toddy


- 50ml New Harbour Distillery Rooibos Infused Gin

- 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice

- 25ml Fresh Orange Juice

- 15ml New Harbour Distillery Rosemary Sage & Cardamom Syrup

- 15ml Honey

- 125ml Boiling Water


- Fresh Lemon OR Ginger & Rosemary


'Tis the season for cold nights! So, tuck your toes into a comfy pair of slippers, grab that favourite book and get cosy. Warm yourself from the inside out with this Hot Toddy recipe laced with Rooibos Gin.

- Pour single or double shots of our Rooibos Infused Gin in a teacup.

- Add 25ml of freshly squeezed Lemon and Orange Juice

- Add 15ml of our Rosemary Sage & Cardamom Syrup and give it a quick stir and top up with boiling water


- With a slice of Lemon or fresh Ginger and Rosemary.