Bush Baby Gin Cocktail Recipe — New Harbour Distillery - African Spirit Lab

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- Rooibos Gin

- Rosemary, Sage & Cardamom Cordial Liqueur

- Citrus Tonic Cordial

- Soda Water

- Pear Bitters



Kiwi Fruit or Citrus of your choice


Our Rooibos infused Gin is perfect combination of sweetness and spice which makes it such a perfect ingredient in this easy layered cocktail, that will leave your friends and family super impressed. This cocktail is gentle on the palette and will even please the non-tea drinker. You can have it on the light side or a bit stronger and it 

⚛︎ Add 1 shot of Citrus Tonic Cordial and fill up half of the glass with soda water. If you are using a different tonic brand fill half of your glass with the tonic.

⚛︎ Pour one shot of Rosemary, Sage & Cardamom Cordial Liqueur and ster well.

⚛︎ Fill your glass up with ice.

⚛︎ Ad one shot of Rooibos Infused Gin, this wil create a beautiful red layer in the glass.

⚛︎ Fill your glass up with soda or tonic, use tonic if you like a sweeter drink.

⚛︎ Add a few drops of Pear Bitters


Garnish with kiwi fruit or any citrus of your choice, serve with a long cocktail spoon or straw so you can stir the drink yourself before sipping away.