Chilli Chocolate G&T Recipe — New Harbour Distillery - African Spirit Lab

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- Maroela Gin

- Two red chilies

- Tonic of your choice



Chili & dark chocolate


Add a little kick to your day with this spicy g&t, so yum and easy-peasy!

⚛︎ Add 4 shots of Maroela Gin in a jar and add 2 whole red chilies. Let them infuse between 6 hours and 1 day depending on the spice levels you prefer, for more intense or faster infusion - cut the chilli open.

⚛︎ After your infusion has taken place, strain the infusion so that all the chilli stays behind.

⚛︎ Add one shot of your Maroela infustion in a cold glass.

⚛︎ Add cold tonic and serve with ice or in a chilled glass.


Garnish with thyme or chopped chilli if you are brave enough :) We like to serve it with dark chocolate just to balance out the spice.