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Your idea. Your distilled spirit. Your brand. 

Do you want to own a distilled spirit business or extend your current product line with a unique liquor recipe? With New Harbour Distillery's Custom Spirit offering, your dream can become a reality. 

Contract Distilling consists of the entire distilled spirit manufacturing process, including business consultation, recipe and product development, quality assurance, brand design, and production. We produce custom spirits on a commercial level with a minimum of 1300 bottles (750ml) per batch.

Our Master Distiller, Nic Janeke - one of the most sought-after distillers in South Africa – will help bring your envisioned spirit to life! Gin, vodka, rum, brandy, or schnapps – we've got the knowledge to create new formulas, extend product lines, and refine liquids.

Our company ethos of working with organic ingredients and a sustainable production cycle is non-negotiable. Quality in all ways, always.

A branding solution from logo to box! Our Creative Director, Andri Janeke, is your go-to gal for all your design and packaging needs.

Allow us to breathe life into your new brand with expert advice and brand set-up ranging from brand identity, bottle and packaging design.

We produce the following small-batch craft spirits:

Brandy – 3, 5, 10 years & flavoured

Gin – unique botanicals & infused

Liqueurs – from schnapps to cream liqueurs

Rum – spiced, white, gold & dark rums

Vodka – including flavoured vodkas

Whiskey – blended & malt


Put YOUR name on it!

Craft gins for game lodges in Africa, mini bar set-ups, bulk and bottled products – we have a bucket load of experience in these areas.

By working closely with our customers, we explore new flavour concepts to bring to life. Extend your brand with a private label distilled spirit.

By having a unique design and company branding on your new private label, will set you apart from the competition. New Harbour's in-house design team can help with brand identity, bottle, label, and packaging design. 

Our state-of-the-art production facility can handle containers of 50 litres, and 1,000- to 5,000-litre intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). We take a personalised and innovative approach to the production of spirits by using any distilling technique imaginable. Pot stills, reflect stills, even vacuum distillation - we've got it covered!

Our current ready-to-go private label spirits include:

Brandy – 3, 5, and 10 year

Gin – London Dry, Navy Strength or Old Tom

Rum – gold or white

Vodka – cane-based, grain-based or grape-based


Want to buy spirits in bulk? We make it happen.

With production facilities in Cape Town, South Africa, we have the expertise to produce and supply various high-quality liquids & spirits.

Our current ready-made bulk alcoholic spirits include:

Brandy – 3, 5, and 10 year

Cane neutral spirit

Grain neutral spirit

Grape neutral spirit

Gin – London Dry, Navy Strength or Old Tom

Rum – gold or white

Vodka – cane-based, grain-based or grape-based

The minimum order quantity for bulk spirits is 80 litres of diluted product.

IMPORTANT: You need a National Distribution license to buy and sell bulk alcohol.


Need some help? Our experts are committed to your success!

With combined 10-year experience, our team has the know-how of the spirits market and production process. We collaborate with new and existing distilleries.

Our consultation services include:

Design of distillery Facilitate local & international suppliers to find the right equipment solutions Spirits market consultation & mentoring to help you succeed in the competitive spirit market Training and set-up of your brand-new distillery

Got more questions?Contact our team for more information and to start the exciting process of setting up a distilled spirit brand.