Spekboom G&T Recipe — New Harbour Distillery - African Spirit Lab

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2 shots Spekboom Gin

1 shot Honeydew & Citrus Cordial Liqueur

1 fresh naartjie

Tonic water


Naartjie wedges and rosemary (optional)


This G&T has a refreshing sweetnes with a kick of soft citrus flavour. This recipe is so easy and jam-packed with fabulous flavour, try it. 

This G&T has refreshing sweetness with a kick of soft citrus flavour. It’s so easy to mix and jam-packed with fabulous taste. Try it!

– Fill your cocktail glass to the brim with ice.

– Pour two shots of Spekboom Gin.

– Add one shot of Honeydew & Citrus Cordial Liqueur.

– Squeeze the juice of half a naartjie into the glass. Squeeze it over your four fingers so the pips stay behind.

– Top up with Indian tonic water.

– Garnish with a few naartjie wedges.