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The proof is in the spirits

We love partnering with like-minded individuals to create premium spirits that consumers enjoy.

New Harbour is proud to be associated with the following local & international brands ranging from gin, rum, and schnapps. We’ve got a footprint in Hong Kong, the UK, Botswana, and South Africa.

From small-batch craft spirits, distillery set-ups, recipe development, market mentoring, consultation, and private labels, our team has done it all.


We are beyond happy with the contents of our product!

Nic; a chemical engineer who became a masterful distiller is something that gives New Harbour their edge. Also, Andri his wife gave us lots of creative input which we appreciate immensely.

- Jan & Koba, founders of Muti Gin


New Harbour was the only distillery I wanted to partner with for creating my spirits. Coming over from Asia and having a distilling background myself, I wanted people who were innovative, adventurous, and methodical in their work. I also wanted to be hands on and work in a true collaborative manner, which is exactly what I have. I love being in the distillery, working with the team, bringing exotic ingredients and coming up with new ideas and techniques to achieve truly unique results. They are top notch!

- Amanda Kralj, founder of HKG Gin


Nic and his team has been a breeze to work with. His attention to detail and his finesse in the craft of distilling has produced a product which we are extremely proud of. I would not recommend any other person for the job.

- Marius Barlett, Creative director of Nihilo Spirits


Working with Nic and Andri in crafting our unique gins have been a complete pleasure.  From the get-go they understood our needs, our brand and assisted us along the journey of gin distilling.  The end result, uniquely crafted gins, that each on its own, reflects the rich 337 year history of farm.

- Johan van Dyk, Marketing Manager for Blaauwklippen Wine Estate