• In South African English, the word "muti" is derived from the Zulu word umuthi, meaning "tree," whose root is -thi. Muti has been fashioned by traditional healers since the dawn of Africa, to soothe the afflictions of our people, from the outlandish to the ordinary.

    Inspired by botanical remedies and our African tradition, we have expertly crafted this citrus styled gin from only the freshest umuthi. Rich, complex and refreshing, let it soothe & rejuvenate the soul.

    Our 2 main coastal fynbos botanicals are:

    Ghôkum and Ooskusmalva. Carpobrotus Edulis/Deliciosus or Ghôkum is a ground-creeping plant with succulent leaves, native to South Africa. It is also known as highway ice plant or sour fig (suurvygie). This is our Western Cape botanical that we buy from the Sakmanne.

    Pelargonium Capitatum or Ooskusmalva is found along the Southern and Eastern Cape of SA. Its habitat is usually beach sand or other well-drained sandy soils. It is cultivated as a source of essential oils.

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  • Appearance: Clear with slight blue tinge Aroma: Aromatic notes of Juniper, lemon zest & coriander open up into sweet and salty olive finish.
    Taste: Herbal but sweet initial taste adds depth to the silky smooth burst of fresh fruity and citrus flavours.
    Aftertaste: Long and lingering with hints of salty Ghôkum, finished by warming ginger.
    Recommended Serve: Double dose of Muti (50 ml) and 200 ml legit Indian tonic.
    Garnish: Lyme & Thyme coz it rhymes but more importantly it's the perfect pairing for a Muti G&T.