Step into our world of premium handcrafted spirits. Inspired with what nature has given us, our entire range of craft spirits is now available as a convenient five-pack. 

We believe in creating exceptional quality drinks by pushing the boundaries of innovation. Discover our range of proudly South African handcrafted spirits with the newly launched premium five-pack. No swops/exchanges allowed. 

The 5-pack includes:

Maroela Gin (750ml): Infused with the popular marula fruit. A South African gin with sweet and citrusy notes.  

Rooibos infused Gin (750ml): A rich, smooth, vibrant gin with orange and rooibos aftertaste. 

Spekboom Gin (750ml): Infused with Spekboom for a fresh, tart flavour. Incredibly versatile and well-balanced.

Copper Vodka (750ml): Our craft vodka is silky-smooth and perfectly balanced with fruity notes. Rich and versatile.

Cape Alchemist Brandy (750ml): Made from the finest grapes, our unfiltered Cape Alchemist Brandy is soft, smokey, and characterful. 

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, no order cancellations, refunds, or exchanges on sale items - view our refunds policy here