Step 4: Production

New Harbour Distillery has specialised production capabilities to meet any requirements. Our company consists of creative scientific individuals who combine botany, science, and alchemy in spirit production. We create handcrafted sustainably made spirits using a combination of modern, innovative, and experimental distilling techniques.

Working closely with our customers, we explore new flavour concepts to bring to life. We can handle containers from 50 litres, 1,000-litre intermediate bulk container (IBC's) up to 5,000 litres. We take a personalised approach to the production of a range of unique spirits with any distilling technique you can think of - pot stills, reflux stills, even vacuum distillation.

New Harbour produces custom spirits on a commercial level, with a minimum of 1300 bottles per batch. From white spirits, aged spirits, and blended concentrates for liqueurs, our production facility is more than capable of managing your needs.