Garland 75 Recipe


- 40ml New Harbour Distillery Spekboom Gin

- 25ml New Harbour Distillery Hibiscus & Ginger Cordial Liqueur

- 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice

- 15ml Elderflower Liqueur

- Dash of Cape Gooseberry Bitters

- Fresh Granadilla

- Baglietti Prosecco


- Fresh Floral and Gooseberry skewer


Mixologist and fellow alchemist, Jesse Chinn, created this celebration-worthy cocktail for us! Discover fresh flavours and sip on a glass of luxury with this floral affair.

The Garland 75 cocktail is sure to make you think about nature's beauty as it starts fruity sweet before becoming more complex with notes from the Hibiscus & Ginger Cordial Liqueur,Elderflower Liqueur, fresh granadilla, lemon juice, and Cape Gooseberry Bitters.

- Add Spekboom Gin, Hibiscus & Ginger Cordial Liqueur, lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, and Cape Goose Berry Bitters in a shaker with ice and shake well.

- Add granadilla pulp in the bottom of a chilled coupe glass and strain the mixture into the glass.

- Top-up with Prosecco.


Garnish with floral & gooseberry skewer & serve.