Midnight Negroni Recipe — New Harbour Distillery - African Spirit Lab

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40ml New Harbour Distillery African Dry Maroela Gin

25 ml Coconut Washed Campari*

25 ml Cacao Infused Rosso Vermouth**

Dash of New Harbour Distillery Orange Bitters

2 drops of saline***



Dark Chocolate


Dreaming of creamy dark chocolate, nutty coconut, velvety marula and sweet citrus? This cocktail is perfect for delicious nights under the stars, but don't be fooled – it’ll test your mixology skills while teaching you some super nifty techniques that will elevate your cocktail game like a boss!

Jesse Chinn takes you through all the steps to make this delectable cocktail.

⚛︎ Add all ingredients in equal parts to a stirring glass filled with ice. 

⚛︎ Stir until chilled and combined. 

⚛︎ Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. 

⚛︎ Garnish with a piece of good quality dark chocolate & serve. 

* For the Coconut Washed Campari: Combine melted coconut to Campari. Stir thoroughly to combine. Allow to stand. Chill overnight. Strain the liquid from the hardened coconut oil. 

** For the Cacao Infused Rosso Vermouth: Add a cup of cacao nibs to Rosso Vermouth and store in a cool, dark area for 24 – 48 hours depending on your preferred strength and intensity. Strain & bottle for use. 

*** Make a saline solution: Mix 20 g of salt with 80 ml of water. Shake until clear and keep it in a dropper dispenser. Why a salt solution? It reduces bitterness and enhances citrus flavours.