Milkshake Madness Cocktail — New Harbour Distillery - African Spirit Lab

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MILKSHAKE MADNESS ~ A Heritage Cocktail ~


40 ml New Harbour Distillery Copper Vodka

Steri Stumpie of your choice



Burnt marshmallows and sprinkles.


South Africa's favourite flavoured milky drink laced with vodka? Yes, please! This dreamy milkshake is the perfect recipe for poolside lounging or dessert sipping. Which flavour will you try first?

Mixologist and fellow alchemist, Jesse Chinn, created this fun (and grown-up) take on a classic milkshake. So easy and so yum!

⚛︎ Pour vodka into a milkshake glass.

⚛︎ Add a refrigerated Steri Stumpie and garnish with fun & colourful sweets.

Be creative with garnish! We lightly burned some marshmallows with a flambé burner and added sprinkles. You can also use Smarties or cotton candy as an alternative.