The New Harbour Distillery Story


New Harbour Distillery specialises in handcrafted spirits that are inspired by Africa’s unique nature. We are the harbour of new distillation techniques – New Harbour Distillery. Our vision is to be a leader in craft spirits production and development that uses traditional and experimental distilling techniques.

New Harbour Distillery was founded in the old industrial heart of Cape Town in 2014 by powerhouse team, Nic and Andri Janeke. We opened our doors to the public in 2016 with the first and best Rooibos Gin.

Our carbon neutral micro-distillery is now located in Somerset West, Cape Town, where we create artisanal small-batch spirits. At our state-of-the-art experimental micro-distillery, we continuously adapt to the changing market. We thrive on doing things in a new way while being on-trend in the global spirits industry.

We aim to be the first 100% carbon neutral distillery in South Africa. With traditional and new technologies, we will continue to create mindful drinks by pushing the boundaries of innovation.


Quality ingredients are non-negotiable when developing our unique spirits. Our ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably and treated with care to produce products that are smoother in taste and superior in quality.

Extraordinary is what we live by. We love travelling to some of the most beautiful places in Africa to meet local botanists and source botanicals that have never before been used in gin, whiskey, or rum. Our botanical distillation process adds to our innovation, where we craft spirits as a new invention.

From maceration to vacuum distillation, we will continue to experiment with what nature has given us.