Whisky Wonderland Cocktail Recipe — New Harbour Distillery - African Spirit Lab

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- 1 Shot ofBushveld Whiskey

- 1 Shot of Burnt Cassia and Wild Fig Cordial Liqueur

- 1 shot Lemon Juice

- NHD Cape Gooseberry Bitters

- Crushed Red Pepper

- Soda Water

- Ice



Fresh fig & Thyme


If you like your whisky cocktails with an orangey, lemon sweetness and a spicy edge, you’ll love this. We used crushed red pepper to give this tasty little cocktail the perfect spicy zing!.

⚛︎ Add the Bushveld Whisly, Burnt Cassia & Wild Fig and Lemon Juice in a shaker with ice.

⚛︎ Add a pinch of dried and crushed Red pepper

⚛︎ Shake vigorously

⚛︎ Pour into chilled glass and top up with a little bit of Soda Water.

⚛︎ Add a few drops of Orange Bitters


Garnish with Fig and fresh Thyme