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Three exceptional craft gins infused with South Africa’s finest ingredients. Shop the collection for R800, while stocks last.

MAROELA GIN, 750 ml, 43% Alc/vol
A classic London Dry style gin with an African twist. Clean, zesty and juniper-forward, the sweet softness of Maroela fruit is balanced with bright citrusy notes. 

ROOIBOS GIN, 750 ml, 43% Alc/vol
A colourful New Western Dry style gin with a light juniper taste combined with a smooth almond mouthfeel, and lingering orange and Rooibos aftertaste. 

SPEKBOOM GIN750 ml, 47% Alc/vol
A classic London Dry style gin. Clean, piny, and juniper-forward, this gin is balanced with bright lemon zest and lavender notes.