How to Make the Best Gin & Tonic at Home


The G&T is one of the most popular drinks in the world, with a reputation for being the ultimate refreshment. On 19 October, International Gin & Tonic Day, why not try something new? New Harbour Distillery's range of some of the best craft gins in South Africa is perfect for this occasion with unique African flavours. 


International Gin and Tonic Day

 You can find gin in cocktails and even food recipes, but the traditional G&T will never go out of style. International Gin and Tonic Day is an occasion to celebrate the refreshing taste of a cold gin and tonic. This day is in honour of a lady who loved a good G&T. When she passed away on this day in 2010, she even had a G&T by her side, sneakily served in a teacup. Celebrate this much-loved tipple by pouring yourself an ice-cold gin & tonic. 


The Origins of the G&T

 The story about gin and tonics goes back to the 19th century when the British began to rule India where malaria was widespread. It was discovered that quinine could be used as treatment. Many people did not like this taste, so they mixed it with carbonated water and sugar. The mixture became well known when officers started mixing it with gin while on their travels. And so, the juniper-based drink came into existence and is now one of the most loved drinks in South Africa and globally. 


4 Tips on How to Make a Perfect G&T at Home

 Want to mix the perfect G&T? Here are four tips to keep in mind: 


  1. Use quality ingredients from trustworthy sources. This means fresh garnish, too – no bottled lemon juice allowed!                        
  2. Don't skimp on ice. 
  3. Play around with different garnish options. Gin is versatile, so play around and experiment with different flavours and botanicals. Garnish is not only for decoration; it can also enhance the flavour of your drink. 
  4. Finally, use quality tonic water. It's a G&T's other half, so why skimp on the tonic when you have a good quality, local gin? Our Tonic Cordial is an easy alternative to traditional tonic bottles & cans. Simply add a tot of cordial to your gin & top-up with sparkling water or soda.


A Great and Easy G&T Recipe

 If you need a foolproof and easy G&T recipe, you've come to the right place! It's no secret that we love to experiment with different flavour profiles, and we've concocted some wild and wonderful recipes in the past. But this simple G&T recipe remains one of our favourites. It's all about balance!



Get Your Gin Glasses Ready for a Toast

International Gin & Tonic Day is an opportunity for gin-enthusiasts around the world to celebrate their favourite drink.

 If you're looking for a change in pace this October, be sure to order one of our handcrafted South African gins made from local botanicals for its signature African feel! Shop local craft spirits from our online store.