Best Local Craft Spirits Celebrating South Africa's Rich Heritage

The start of spring signifies new beginnings and, of course, Heritage Month! It's a time to celebrate our culture and what makes our great nation unique.

 At New Harbour, our journey revolves around honouring South Africa's iconic botanicals. Are you passionate about discovering unique flora, unwinding in the serene bushveld, and savouring craft spirits? Then you'll find our local offerings a delightful journey into the heart of our beautiful country.

 Our craft spirits blend nature's gifts with scientific precision, transforming traditional recipes into exceptional local treasures of the highest quality.

 Let's take you on our journey, where you can learn more about our craft liquor and its hero ingredient.



Complex and unexpected

This fynbos species is world-renowned for a reason. Khoisan, the indigenous Bushmen of the region, have used it for centuries as herbal remedies and to brew the celebrated rooibos tea. The Cederberg region in South Africa is the only place on earth where it grows naturally.

The red-amber hue of Rooibos Gin is 100% natural, achieved by infusing the base gin with rooibos. It's many of our customers' favourite. You won't taste anything like it – sweet almonds, rooibos, and orange citrus. Try out this cracker of a negroni; it won't disappoint.


How to make Rooibos Negroni

1 shot Rooibos Gin

1 shot Campari

1 shot Sweet Vermouth

Dash of Sweet Orange Bitters

Garnish with a lemon peel


Read the full recipe.



London Dry with an African twist

Found in the bushveld, the marula tree was a basic food source in ancient times. Once every year during summertime, the female marula trees bear their delicious fruit, and elephants will travel vast distances to get a taste. You've probably seen the videos of elephants, monkeys, and other wild animals getting tipsy on ripe, juicy fruits.

We infuse the gin with the marula peel for a sweet yet tart taste. The result is a lemony sweetness with a zesty lime-like freshness. It's our co-founder Andri's favourite! She makes killer gin cocktails using simple ingredients, such as the French 75.

 How to make French 75

1 shot Maroela Gin

½ shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice        

½ shot Marigold & Orange Blossom Cordial Liqueur

± 3 shots Simonsig Brut MCC

Garnish with a lemon twist


Read the full recipe.





Karoo Dry and distinctly fresh

This small-leaved succulent plant, rich in magnesium and vitamin C, is native to South Africa. Drought-tolerant and fire-resistant, spekboom can adapt to various conditions.

Our Spekboom Gin is a punchy, export-strength spirit with strong juniper and lemon flavours. You'll find a distinctly fresh, tart flavour beautifully rounded by sweet lavender and spicy cinnamon notes. Enjoy the infusions of this magical plant in the Tangerine Gin Fizz – a tangy perfection for pre-dinner drinks.

How to make the Juniper Tangerine Gin Fizz

1 shot Spekboom Gin

2 shots of fresh tangerine juice

1 shot Elderflower, Marigold & Orange Blossom Cordial Liqueur

15ml fresh lemon juice

1 egg white, room temperature

60ml sparkling water

Garnish with a tangerine wedge, fresh juniper, or thyme sprig


Read the full recipe.



Unfiltered and raw

Proudly South African, Cape Alchemist Brandy is a potstill brandy. It's made from the finest Cape grapes, resulting in a unique blend that is rich, fruity, and complex.

 Aged for three years, this Cape brandy has a soft expression, full-bodied fruitiness, and nutty undertones. The finish is smoky, long-lasting and infinitely characterful. Check out the Alchemist's Old Fashioned – a clever twist on an old-time favourite.

How to make the Alchemist's Old Fashioned

50ml Cape Alchemist Brandy

15ml Burnt Cassia & Wild Fig Cordial Liqueur

Dash of Sweet Orange Bitters

Dash of soda water

Garnish with a rosemary sprig, cinnamon stick and lemon rind


Read the full recipe.




Smoked single grain, double-distilled

We start the distillation journey with only the best single-grain whisky. After the initial three years of ageing, the whisky goes through a unique process where it's finished in heavily toasted Kameeldoring barrels, extracting a spiced oak character.

This whisky will transport you to the bushveld with the unique aromas of smouldering embers, vegetal honey, butterscotch, and toffee. Give the Whisky-a-Gogo a try for a taste of African summer sips.

How to make the Whisky-a-Gogo

50ml Bushveld Whisky

25ml Burnt Cassia and Wild Fig Cordial Liqueur

25ml lemon juice

1 egg white

Dash of Sweet Orange Bitters

Garnish with a cinnamon stick and dried orange


Read the full recipe.


Sip heritage drinks

Our drinks pay homage to the rich landscapes of the place we call home. This Heritage Month, try out local craft spirits and taste the difference!

New Harbour experiments, distils and supplies craft gin, vodka, rum, whisky, Karoo agave, and Cape brandy. Buy online and share your creations on social media using #drinkNHD.


Here's to you, South Africa!