Raise Your Glasses, it’s International Vodka Day!

It's 4 October, and that means... it's International Vodka Day, peeps! We're raising our glasses (filled with New Harbour Distillery Copper Vodka, of course) to one of the most popular and versatile distilled spirits.

Before you head over to our online store to get your vodka stash, here are some interesting facts about this seemingly straightforward drink. We'll also share some info about our premium distilled vodka, straight from the distiller himself, Heinrich Moller.


Vodka – clear & colourless, but definitely not boring!

Great for quiz night! Here are some interesting facts about (always-up-for-a-good-time) vodka.

  • Vodka got its name from the Russian word for water, voda. 
  • It's still a mystery where it originated. Poland or Russia, either way, we salute them!
  • Traditionally, vodka was distilled using cereal grains and later potatoes. Today, most vodkas are grain-based, and some are made from grapes (like our Copper Vodka).
  • It can be consumed unmixed & chilled, mixed, or in a range of cocktails.
  • In the olden times, it was said to possibly cure several ailments such as infertility, the plague, heart disease, stress, and bad breath! 
  • If you're planning on going to Russia, remember to toast before you drink. Vodka is pretty much always consumed with food in Russia. We like that!
  • When opened, consume within a year.
  • Vodka is super pure & a healthier drink option – no fat, carbs, yeast, cholesterol, or sodium! YASS!
  • You can also use it as a cleaner or disinfectant. Well, we prefer drinking it but if we run out of sanitiser, then gimme that vodka bottle!


Here's our approach to silky-smooth vodka – Copper Catalysed!

Our Copper Vodka is made with scientific precision and distilled seven times! A key ingredient in cocktail mixology, it's clean, rich, and rounded. This silky-smooth sipping vodka is elegantly balanced with fruity and citrus notes. 

 We've asked our Head Distiller – Heinrich Moller – some questions about the process. Here we go!

1. How would you describe Copper Vodka?

Copper Vodka is the culmination of science and artisanship. It is distilled Pinotage grape spirits in its purest form, leading to a smooth, clean and rich vodka.

2. How does copper catalysation work?

In essence, copper catalysation is the ability of copper to readily react with certain compounds (such as sulphur compounds). It effectively removes the compounds from the spirit, which will reduce off-notes in the distillate. During distillation, the hot vapours of the distillate pass through the still and force the unwanted aromatic and sulphurous compounds to come into direct contact with copper surfaces. Copper reacts with these compounds to form copper salts that are eventually discarded with the spent stillage. The copper also catalyses some esterification reactions, which allows the formation of additional flavours. Together with the removal of off-notes, it purifies the vodka and results in a silky texture that significantly improves the flavour and aroma profile of the spirit. 

3. Are there any differences between craft vodka & other vodkas?

Fundamentally, there should be no difference. However, some mass-produced vodkas have the tendency to taste like watered-down nail polish remover. The art of craft distilling lies with artisanship. At New Harbour, we believe that our skilled, scientific approach differentiates our craft vodka from any other.

4. What's your personal tasting notes of Copper Vodka?

 Copper Vodka has a clean, fruity and citrus aroma with zesty lemon and slightly floral taste. It results in a creamy and silky mouthfeel and cracked black pepper finish.

5. How do you drink Copper Vodka?

Being distilled seven times, Copper Vodka is the perfect sipping vodka because of its smooth, clean palate. It is an essential ingredient in any cocktail and works perfectly in our Grapefruit Rosemary Collins cocktail recipe. Or, more traditionally, on ice with soda and a squeeze of lemon or lime.

6. Are there any other interesting facts about Copper Vodka and how it's made?

Most vodkas are produced from fermented grains, but Copper Vodka is made from locally sourced Pinotage grapes. It's distilled six times in a column still packed with copper and finished off with another distillation in a copper potstill. The spirit is then rested before being hydrated to bottling strength. This process occurs over several days to marry the unique aromas and flavours of Copper Vodka.

 7. Anything else?

 The purity of Copper Vodka means that it contains no carbs, sodium, cholesterol, fat or yeast. This means that if you are looking for a healthier drinking option, Copper Vodka is the way to go. 


Get Copper Vodka and Celebrate Vodka Day with New Harbour!

International Vodka Day is the perfect occasion for gathering with friends and family to celebrate this most refreshing of drinks – whether at home or out at your local bar. Join in the celebration by trying out new, delicious vodka cocktails or bringing back some old favourites!