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Tired of boring gin cocktails? We are too. Try our cocktail kits today!


Our gins are inspired by Africa. So are these cocktails!


New Harbour is a craft distillery with a passion for great-tasting spirits made by hand using organic ingredients. Our specially curated Cocktail Packs are perfect for people who want to enjoy great-tasting cocktails but don't know where to start. All you have to do is pick your favourite spirit & flavour, and we'll send you the key ingredients it needs! 


With our three Cocktail Packs, we've taken all the guesswork out of crafting a great cocktail! Each pack's ingredients are designed to complement our signature gins. We started experimenting with unique flavours in our lab to create a cordial liqueur & bitters combo that perfectly matches our African-inspired gins. 


These gins are so unique! We've created a party for each of them.


Our signature gins include Rooibos Gin, Spekboom Gin, and Maroela Gin – a celebration of Africa and some of the best native ingredients. 


The Cocktail Packs are specially formulated to create well-balanced, perfectly flavoured, and delightful drinks. Once you've tried one, mix it up again! The best part? Each pack is ready to go – all you'll need is your favourite tonic, ice, and garnish – so no more worrying about what's missing from the pantry.

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The Pollination Cocktail Pack (the Pink Drink): 

Maroela Gin (750 ml), Hibiscus & Ginger Cordial Liqueur (200 ml), and Grapefruit Bitters (50 ml).

A classic bright drink; the perfect go-to cocktail.



The Photosynthesis Cocktail Pack (the Green Drink): 

Spekboom Gin (750 ml), Rosemary, Sage & Cardamom Cordial Liqueur (200 ml), and Pear Bitters (50 ml).

An uncomplicated drink with a refreshing hit of nature's finest ingredients.


The Combusgin Cocktail Pack (the Orange Drink): 

Rooibos Gin (750 ml), Burnt Cassia & Wild Fig Cordial Liqueur (200 ml), and Orange Bitters (50 ml).

An authentic cocktail with a beautiful burnt honey colour, pleasant Rooibos aroma and spicy taste.



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