Tonic Cordial: A Delicious Way to Make a Gin & Tonic

G&T lovers, rejoice! There is now a way to enjoy your favourite cocktail and avoid sugar-induced regret. Introducing – New Harbour’s handmade Tonic Cordial: a tonic essence that you can mix with carbonated or sparkling water according to your sweetness level – the result: a perfect G&T. 


A short history of tonic water.


Tonic water has been around since the 19th century. The quinine in tonic is extracted from cinchona bark and was traditionally used to help combat malaria. To make it more drinkable without having that bitter taste so many people have trouble with, they mixed it with carbonated water and sugar for some balance and sweetness.

The concoction became well known when British sailors mixed it with gin while travelling overseas, giving rise to one of today's most popular cocktails: The G&T!


 What is New Harbour’s tonic cordial?


Our tonic cordial is a concentrated citrus tonic made from sustainably sourced whole botanicals. We distil it with some salt, citric acid and a blend of citrus zests: lemon, orange and limes. Cinchona bark and lemongrass give it a perfect balance of bitterness & citrus. After the infusion, we use the water as a base and add some sugar.


With this tonic cordial, YOU get to decide how much tonic cordial you want. The less tonic cordial, the less sugar!


How many drinks can I make with tonic cordial?


Our tonic comes in concentrated form, so a bottle will easily provide for at least ten drinks. Simply mix your gin and tonic cordial with sparkling or carbonated water, and you have yourself a G&T! 


What ratio should I use for G&Ts?


Our suggested serving is 50 ml of tonic cordial and 50 ml of gin. Top up with 100 – 150 ml of carbonated water. Add some lime juice, and you'll most certainly be the designated bartender at home. ;) 

 This is the mixer you should absolutely have with a great gin to make the perfect G&T!


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